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Ad Infinitum

Every artwork has a project at its origin. But how does it take shape? What mysterious paths does a simple fleeting vision take to become a creative desire? Ad Infinitum is the challenge that the imagination set to the one who felt it. What was still a pristine vision was to become a concrete act, the fluid was to crystallize into the solid, and the motionless summoned to render movement. Here is a rising wind that makes the star-like snowflakes or filaments of morning dew dance. Here again is a parcel of nature that requires the translation of its silent flight. What was once but a few centimeters of grass, or a fleeting ray of sunshine piercing the clouds, thus becomes a sudden spark, enthusiasm, song of nature, winter or spring. That is what it’s all about: nature takes flight, escapes all gravity and offers itself for contemplation as it does in the morning freed from the timidity of dawn. G.H

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