The wind seems to accompany these branches tossed about. And water snakes through the furrows that hug the slopes. Nature does things well and forges makeshift paths whenever needed. 

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But from what distance should we look at these paintings from the series Growths ? One can see the drawings digging into the earth or stone walls going around hills and ravines. Each small assemblage of drops is a story. Here, the rustling of the leaves is still the murmur of the forests. It would take the eyes of a child to guess the story that the brush weaves. He could guess the drapery of Greek statues, the floating of untied hair and all that the breeze can surround with a subtle caress. There are a thousand stories in a single glance and strange sinuosities on the ground suggest the imprint of animals that have come here. No doubt birds invited onto the canvas. - Gilles Heuré