Jane Puylagarde, AD INFINITUM exhibition, Maison Eymonaud

February 2022 | Communicart Agency

Jane Puylagarde exhibits a monumental work, "AD INFINITUM", at the Maison Eymonaud, 75018, from March 31 to April 25, 2022

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The artist Jane Puylagarde presents a monumental painting, "Ad Infinitum", from March 31 to April 25 in the Maison Eymonaud, a place never before open to the public in the heart of the Montmartre district.

This immense work is a deployment of her Croissances series, inspired by her trip to Japan, and marks the beginning of a new artistic exploration.

An unusual exhibition that echoes the question that the artist has always tried to answer: How can the infinitely small and the infinitely large be reconciled? An artistic path that the artist-painter does not fail to explore and revisit in each of his series.

Ad Infinitum
Text by Gilles Heuré

"Nine panels that fit into each other to make one. A monumental fresco, free and indocile, a continuity, a dream that continues? And who knows what form this punctuation will take later?

Why nine, an odd number, and not ten or four, four and four eight, from which Jacques Prévert's lyre bird would escape, and which only children would immediately guess? Because they look before they see, no doubt. Or nine like the nine Greek muses, bearers of joy between gods and men. Or new again because everything is constantly recreated.

In his previous works, all that nature can offer to the eye is present thanks to the drops that, depending on the lighting, play with shadows and light: one can guess fields topped by the wind as in Japanese films, twisted hair, sheaves of wheat, flowers that bloom in the sun, but also circular clouds that overlap, tornadoes, typhoons or tidal cycles, doves with translucent wings.

Chance and necessity are the laws that suggest to feel more than to decipher in this universe of possibility that is constantly changing.

Sometimes the drops seem to want to come out of the frame, like sap from the bark, and draw braided garlands of unknown flowers impatient to fly away with a gust of wind or a burst of light. Autonomous and united, these little fairies of acrylic paint escape from the frame to pursue a secret journey. Undisciplined, they spin around in the order of a frame from which they seem to be able to escape.

Ad infinitum is a joyful burst of these details that make the whole. A whiteness whose true color is the perpetual movement and which will be majestically declined in the place of its exhibition, this neo-gothic villa of the impasse Marie-Blanche, in Montmartre, whose cathedral volumes will welcome Ad Infinitum with the silence and the light that this work deserves."