Growths, "Ad Infinitum

At the origin of a work of art always presides a project. But how does this one come to take shape? What mysterious paths does a simple fleeting vision take to become a desire for creation? Ad Infinitum is indeed the challenge that the imagination throws to the one who felt it. What was still a virgin vision had to become a concrete act, the fluid had to crystallize into a solid and the immobile, summoned to give back the movement.

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Here is a mistral wind that rises and makes snow stars dance or filaments deposited by the dew. Here is another piece of nature whose silent flight must be translated. What was then only a few centimeters of grass, or the fleeting breakthrough of a sunbeam, then becomes a dazzling spark, enthusiasm, nature's song, winter or spring. This is what it is all about: nature takes flight, escapes all gravity and offers itself to the eyes as it does in the morning, freeing itself from the shyness of the dawn. Gilles Heuré